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Our Impact

Since our founding in 2014 we have raised over $500,000 for ovarian cancer early detection research and support services. 


Tina's Wish

We have been honored to partner with Tina's Wish Foundation since 2020. We have helped to support the MiDe Study aimed at finding an early diagnostic test for ovarian cancer as well as the 2022 Consortium Grant in which multiple institutions will collaborate on one unique project focusing on different functional and technical approaches to early detection.

Canary Foundation

The Canary Center at Stanford is a world-class research facility dedicated to cancer early detection programs. Their mission is to discover and implement minimally invasive diagnostic and imaging strate-gies for the detection and prognostication of cancers at early, curable stages. We specifically donated to fund their study on ovarian cancer.


Bay Area Cancer Connections


BACC's mission is to support anyone affected by breast or ovarian cancer with personalized services that inform and empower. They offer patient and family support in a safe and welcoming environment and provide a range of services including support groups, counseling, a wig and bra boutique, wellness classes, expansive medical research services and a Resource Center. 

Cancer Care Point

Cancer Care Point is dedicated to assisting patients, family members and caregivers from the cancer diagnosis through survivorship—every step of the journey—through their services, all of which are free of charge.  They have a multitude of support offerings including counseling, exercise & movement classes as well as support and expressive art groups.


Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

We are a proud Community Partner with OCRA. OCRA is the largest private funder of ovarian cancer research. They are also the only

ovarian cancer-dedicated voice on Capitol Hill, continuously advocating for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal research funding provided by the National Cancer Institute and Department of Defense, as well as for related health policies that will benefit patients and survivors.

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