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Working to raise money for

ovarian cancer research & support services

Meet The Woman Who Started It All


Laurie DeSimone

When Laurie was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in December of 2012, she decided to do everything in her power to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and its devastating effects upon women and their families.  Over the next three years, she spent numerous hours offering support to other women and their families.  Her efforts led to the founding of The Teal Foundation in order to directly influence research and support services in this field.  Along with a select group of friends and family members, she was able to organize The Teal Run. Unfortunately, due to the advancement of her disease, Laurie was unable to attend the inaugural event but was thrilled by the success of the event and its positive impact on families.  Sadly Laurie passed away on November 1, 2015, but her legacy will live on through the future efforts of The Teal Foundation.

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